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Ariel Baek
Ariel Baek
Licensed Paralegal
M.A., B.A.

​Ariel has been a zealous counsel for various individuals, assisting with their accident benefits under the Insurance Act and disability benefits claims.  As a result-oriented counsel, she has worked tirelessly by protecting clients' best interests, by making recovery her first priority.

By being quick on her feet in catching the merits of each case, Ariel has been a strong advocate for removing clients' injuries from Minor Injury Guideline and recovering their specified benefits throughout tireless disputes with various insurance companies.

Ariel has expertise in other areas of law as well, such as Criminal Law and Landlord and Tenant Board.

Her in-depth knowledge of literature from her Master's Degree has contributed to successful management of various clients' matters, especially for those who have sustained traumatic, catastrophic impairments arising from motor vehicle accident.  As a Licensed Paralegal in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, Ariel had also graduated with Honours from Humber College.

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