Personal injury law
Practice Areas
We are dedicated to obtaining compensation AND REhABILITATION for INDIVIDUALS in the following areas of personal injury law:

Motor Vehicle Accident Tort Claims

Lawsuits against at-fault individuals and insurance companies, including pedestrian, cyclist and motorcycle accidents.

Accident Benefits Claims

Benefits claims against your own/first-party insurance company from a Motor Vehicle Accident, irrespective of accident fault.

Catastrophic Impairment Claims

Specialized Accident Benefits claims against your own/first-party insurance company involving $1 million catastrophic impairment designation.

Slip/Trip and Falls Accidents

Lawsuits against property owners and occupiers responsible for injuries sustained on unsafe premises, or for negligent maintenance of premises.

Medical Malpractice

Specialized lawsuits against medical practitioners for negligent acts resulting in injuries in the course of providing medical care.

Product Liability Claims

Lawsuits against product manufacturers, including pharmaceutical companies, for injuries sustained due to unsafe and/or defective products.

Police Misconduct

Lawsuits against the police for infliction of injuries, due to use of excessive force, wrongful arrest or detention, assault or battery.


Lawsuits against individuals for injuries caused by battery or sexual assault, and against businesses/institutions for negligence resulting in violent acts while on their premises.

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